Welcome to PiPort Company

We are a research and consulting company specialized in complete data science solutions. By combining methods of advanced analytics and simulation with optimization and heuristics, we unearth information hidden in data and make it interpretable, relevant, and novel for your company or organization.

Painting by Numbers: The Beauty of Pi

Transforming data into visual form allowing the user to observe and understand the information is integral part of data science. Visualisation makes sense of data, even before any advenced analytics begins.

We primarily work with inherently valuable open datasets. Powered by a renowned team of data experts, we extract value from them. We identify global trends, risks and opportunities, and translate these into insightful and compelling business recommendations.

On request, we combine open data with proprietary datasets and search for answers to questions that are raised, or to the questions that have not been asked yet. From these answers, we develop algorithms that can be implemented with Business Intelligence solutions.